Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Installation view of the Chain of Life film loop.
"Through a three-day intervention into the public gallery that is the Triangle Space, FLΔG returns to, explores and plays with the ‘educational turn’ by re-turning the exploration of art and pedagogy to the art educational institution itself, in this case Chelsea College of Art and Design. The event is a shared venture amongst participants in dialogue with each other and the institution, the latter understood as both a physical entity and as a discursive arena. Speakers from inside and outside the art educational institution are invited to come and explore this topic within a setting of artworks that also engage with these dialogues. Key issues for pedagogic practice are methods and sites of knowledge-transfer, the artist as educator, collaboration and participation and the idealisation of art education. FLΔG intends to encourage a process-based approach, stimulating dialogue rather than aiming at conclusions."

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