Friday, 30 April 2010

Here Nor There - Emma Leach

Here Nor There (2010) Late at Tate

This is the second performance of Emma's that i've been involved in, the first being 'Your tourch is burning brightly...' (2008). She gave me the only two letters that couldn't be mixed up (must show her faith in me). The following is from her website:

"Here Nor There is a flashing human news ticker which appears, displays and disappears back into the crowd. The signs alternate between reading THERE IS BETTER or HERE IS BETTER and their retreat back into the audience is triggered by waving a large, black flag.
Taking as its source an absurd exchange between the United States and Cuba, this work pokes fun at diplomatic tit-for-tat and the meaningless words that are used when entrenched in conflict.

// Read the news article, 'US turns off Havana news ticker that angered Cuba'

Here Nor There was commissioned by Cecilia Wee as part of 'Shards of Utopia', Late at Tate BritainPerformed by Bram Thomas Arnold, Joe Campbell, Chloe Cooper, Emma Leach, Sarah Leach, Samuel Overington, Frances Scott, Nikki Tomlinson and Natasha Vicars
Photo by Sascha Pohflepp."

Ono Soul

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Installation view of the Chain of Life film loop.
"Through a three-day intervention into the public gallery that is the Triangle Space, FLΔG returns to, explores and plays with the ‘educational turn’ by re-turning the exploration of art and pedagogy to the art educational institution itself, in this case Chelsea College of Art and Design. The event is a shared venture amongst participants in dialogue with each other and the institution, the latter understood as both a physical entity and as a discursive arena. Speakers from inside and outside the art educational institution are invited to come and explore this topic within a setting of artworks that also engage with these dialogues. Key issues for pedagogic practice are methods and sites of knowledge-transfer, the artist as educator, collaboration and participation and the idealisation of art education. FLΔG intends to encourage a process-based approach, stimulating dialogue rather than aiming at conclusions."

Wednesday, 14 April 2010