Sunday, 9 November 2008

work in progress..

Whispering Grass (Don’t Tell the Trees)

Work in progress. Film starring Heathcote Williams (actor, playwright) about a giant cat formed forest spirit further exploring narrative as a collaborative engagement. Upon completion this will be screened first as a b-movie at the Fiddlers Island Film Festival Oxford. The FIFF are an outdoor group that uses the same space that was used as a backdrop for the main scenes in the film.

Heathcote and FIFF

suspended chord

Suspended Chord

Each speaker played a sample of a smoothly looped note from a different film soundtrack. The volumes were low so it was possible to hear a different chord depending on where you stood.

jack's robot

Jack's Robot 4:48

james and michael

Michael and James 4:29

A film exploring reconstruction, genre and documentation and the effect of a camera on a situation. We left two friends in a room with a camera rolling talking for half an hour. The same night Oscar Oldershaw and I transcribed a section of dialogue to make a script for a re-enactment which was shot the next day. Part of a continuing investigation into narrative instabilities..

naked lunch at the drive in

We taped a video camera to the dashboard before driving out to get lunch at a burger place. We left the camera rolling for the duration of the journey capturing the sounds and movements made by the four people in the car. As the tape ran out of film on our return, we rewound it to the beginning and threw it out of the moving car window. Two of us saw it bounce breifly.

Tape throwing performance reconstruction

Reconstructed film ‘stills’ from tape throwing performance