Friday, 22 January 2010

Your Torch is Burning Brightly... (2008)

Your Torch is Burning Brightly... was a project by Emma Leach that I was involved in. It was part of a week of live art at the Chelsea Space called Temporary Agencies, curated by Sonya Dyer.

I played the role of inside informer in the college, recruting others and arranging spaces for meetings. This lead to a live event at which myself and the other students were both the gallery attendants, guarding the work, and the work itself. There was nothing else there. There's more about the project here and Emma's extended statement about it can be found here.

This was an odd and interesting experience. It seemed like it would be a fairly quiet affair until we started receiving abuse from recent Chelsea graduate and perfomance artist Ian Giles. At this point Oscar and I were forced to physically remove him from the space.

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